Wednesday, May 5, 2021

ITZY Reveals They All Tried to Leave JYP Entertainment before Debuting

During their appearance on SBS's "Tikita CAR," ITZY revealed they all tried to leave JYP Entertainment prior to their debut. Keep on reading to learn more. Why Did ITZY Want To Leave JYP Entertainment Before Debuting? Find Out Here ITZY recently appeared on the SBS variety show, "Tikita CAR." Prior to the episode's airing, some teaser clips have circulated online. The girls were seen spilling stories from their pre-debut days, as well as gush on how much they admire cast member Um Moon Seok. Specifically, ITZY member Chaeryeong revealed that she had been a fan of the Um Moon Seok ever since he appeared on Mnet's "Dancing 9."
After dancing to a medley of J.Y. Park's hit songs, Chaeryeong spoke about the difficulties of training for seven years. She revealed that the monthly skill evaluations were very difficult and noted that she had to do one every month for seven years. Charyeong confessed that every month was hard for her. The group then confessed that they all tried to leave JYP Entertainment together before they made their debut. They stressed that they wanted to do it together and not as individuals. They ultimately stayed, however, and debuted under the company as ITZY.
ITZY appeared on the May 2 episode of "Tikita CAR," which aired at 11:05 PM KST. Check out the clip of them speaking about their pre-debut days here: ALSO READ: ITZY Stylists Continue to Receive Criticism: 'Dress Them up Like TWICE' ITZY's Recent Activities ITZY released their fourth mini-album "Guess Who" on Apr. 30, 2021. The mini-album contains six tracks, including the title track "Mafia in the Morning." On Apr. 28, it was announced that "Guess Who" surpassed 260,000 pre-orders, making it ITZY's best-selling album. This exceeds their personal record with "Not Shy," which sold 200,000 copies.
ALSO READ: ITZY Surpasses Own Record of Highest Pre-Orders with New Album 'GUESS WHO' "Mafia in the Morning" is inspired by the popular game Mafia. It is a hip-hop track with dance-trap influences. Lyrically, the song talks about secretly stealing someone's heart. "Mafia in the Morning" explores ITZY's various vocal styles with the help of trippy synths. ALSO READ: ITZY Drops Much-Anticipated Comeback 'GUESS WHO' + See Full Showcase Here Member Chaeryeong stated in an interview with VICE that "Guess Who" showcases ITZY's more mature side. The album is not like their past releases, which have happy songs. Instead, the songs are more profound and darker. She also noted that, unlike their previous releases, their expressions and stories they are speaking are the main points of this album.
ALSO READ: ITZY Announce FANFIA Live Stream Event for Fans On Mar. 20, ITZY released the digital single "Trust Me (MIDZY)." The song is dedicated to their fans. It was released as part of their global live stream event.

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