Wednesday, May 5, 2021

G-Dragon Named as the Reason Why Luxury Brands Started Selecting Korean Idols as Brand Ambassadors

According to a media outlet, G-Dragon paved the way for Korean idols to become brand ambassadors for high-profile luxury brands. Keep on reading to know more. G-Dragon Named as the Reason Why Luxury Brands Started Selecting Korean Idols as Brand Ambassadors It is quite evident that over the past couple of years, there has been an increase in Korean idols being selected to become brand ambassadors for many high-profile luxury brands, such as BTS for Louis Vuitton, EXO's Kai for Gucci, BLACKPINK's Jennie for Chanel and more. However, what propelled these luxury brands to select Korean idols as their brand ambassadors? According to Money Lab, BIGBANG's leader and rapper, G-Dragon, was the one who paved the way. According to the media outlet, Chanel held a fashion show in Paris, France, back in 2015. In this show, G-Dragon was present at the time, which later became a hot topic among netizens and media outlets as it was the first time an Asian star, let alone a Korean idol, to be invited to the show. IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: BIGBANG OT5 Comeback? Boy Group Posts New SNS Profile Picture Featuring G-Dragon, T.O.P, Daesung, Taeyang, and Seungri
Since G-Dragon's Chanel's fashion show appearance, Korean idols have gradually started to become representatives and ambassadors in the luxury goods industry. Back then, the term "ambassador" only meant that the brand would borrow the celebrity's image and name for marketing purposes. But in recent years, ambassadors have started promoting products and services more effectively by wearing the product itself or using it. Korean Idols' Influence as a Brand Ambassador to Luxury Brands As more Korean idols become brand ambassadors for these luxury brands, there is a noticeable increase in sales for the latter. In March 2020, EXO's Kai, who is an ambassador for Gucci, partnered with the brand for a special collaboration on an exclusive collection, making him the first-ever Korean celebrity to do so with the luxury brand. The Kai x Gucci collection featured knitwear that retails for 1.77 million won (approximately $1,570 USD), and just less than a day of its release, the knitwear, along with the others in the collection, was completely sold out, showing tremendous popularity. BTS, who became a brand ambassador for Louis Vuitton in April, already led the brand to have its products go out-of-stock even before their ambassadorship. After Virgil Abloh, Louis Vuitton's artistic director for the men's collection, posted a video interview with BTS on his Instagram account, a T-shirt that was worn by Jimin immediately went out-of-stock in all countries, showing BTS's brand power. READ MORE: BTS Jimin Is the King of Brand Power, Louis Vuitton Outfit Completely Sold Out According to Jeong Do-jin, a professor of Business Administration at Chung-Ang University, now that recognition of Korean idols has expanded throughout the world, ambassador marketing has become suitable for expensive brands. He adds that ambassador marketing is not suitable for low-cost and mass-produced products. That is why there is a tendency for luxury brands to select Korean idols with intangible values. However, there are also mixed concerns that this type of marketing of luxury brands is promoting over-consumption by the younger generation who have a desire to "show off" their purchases of these luxury goods. But it is quite clear that Korean idols have led fans to learn Korean and the Korean culture, which created a value that cannot be converted to economic value alone.

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