Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Confirmed! Seo Ye Ji Loses 'Island' Drama, OCN Looking for Replacement

After speculations became rife that Seo Ye Ji will be dropped from talks to join "Island" allegedly because of her misbehaviors, this is now confirmed. The actress is no longer going to be part of the upcoming OCN drama. Seo Hye Ji Loses 'Island' Project On May 4, her own agency GOLDMEDALIST itself confirmed the news. The statement released described the whole decision to not let Seo Ye Ji not star in "Island" was mutual between them and the network.
It was only back in October 2020 that the actress was reported to be in talks to be part of "Island." At the time, Kim Nam Gil was already confirmed for a role in the show, while Cha Eun Woo was also said to be invited to be part of the show. At the time, Seo Ye Ji truly was a highly sought-after actress after her very successful "It's Okay Not to Be Okay" drama. However, a recent massive controversy about her allegedly manipulating Kim Jung Hyun back in 2018 had negatively affected her reputation. ALSO READ: Kyungri and Jeong Jinwoon Break Up: Is This the Real Reason? After confirming this news of Seo Ye Jin's withdrawal from "Island," it is now reported the showrunners are now working to find a new actress for the role.
Fans of the actress, regardless if they know about the scandal or not, are truly saddened by what is happening. Most of them remain supportive of the actress and are claiming the role in "Island" truly suits Seo Ye Jin. The actress to play this role supposedly for Seo Ye Jin certainly has a big shoe to fill. Seo Hye Jin Scandal: Why Is it So Serious? The scandal does not only involved one issue. Instead, a series of scandals erupted almost all at the same time, effectively ruining Seo Ye Jin's image for all. First, there was the alleged bullying of her classmates when they were still in middle school. At least two of the actress's alleged classmates claimed she was quite hurtful against them. However, Seo Hye Jin's agency made compelling statements to deny these. The classmates were adamant, though, claiming they are only coming out now because they are already mothers and did not want to be caught up in such an embarrassing issue at first. While this scandal was being debated about by those who love and hate Seo Hye Jin, another emerged, this time of her allegedly bullying the "It's Okay Not to Be Okay" staffers. One of them said she was told to suck all the abuses up or risk losing her job. It's also hard for them to take pictures of what Seo Hye Jin was doing to them because the actress has a habit of checking their phones. Fans were the most shocked, however, of the allegation that she was manipulating her own ex-boyfriend, Kim Jung-Hyun, who most would associate as Gu Seung-Joon in "Crash Landing on You." The accusation was that the actress forbade him to do kissing scenes. What fueled the rumors is that Kim himself never denied these allegations.
Given all of these have piled up, Seo Hye Jin's professional life has suffered. Losing "Island" is just one of the consequences. In Case You Missed It: Seo In Guk and Lee Soo Hyuk's Forthcoming Film 'Pipeline' Reveals First Trailer

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