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TWICE Dahyun Stuns People with Her Unbelievably Tiny Waist

On Wednesday, Apr. 21, Dahyun shared some photos to TWICE's official Instagram account and stunned people with her unbelievably tiny waist! Keep on reading for all the details. TWICE Dahyun Shares Photos Of Her Tiny Ant Waist Dahyun shared two photos to TWICE's official Instagram account, showing off her tiny waist and slender figure, and people are in love! In the photo, Dahyun is seen wearing an ocean blue cropped top with a white frilled tube top underneath. She is also seen wearing a blue and purple skirt adorned with flowers that perfectly hugs her waist. The idol's mid-riff is exposed, and people cannot believe just how slender the female idol is! Dahyun accessorizes her outfit with a pale pink bag and beige heels. The photos were taken on the set of TWICE's "Kura Kura" music video.
  ALSO READ: Dispatch Selects the Top 7 Female Idols Who Best Suit Blonde Hair ALSO READ: TWICE Fan Builds Multiplex + Names Them after the Members Dahyun immediately caught the eyes of fans with her superior proportions and slim legs. Some complimented the idol for looking like an adorable fairy! Dahyun also boasted unique lovely energy with her bright smile and doll-like visuals. On top of that, Dahyun impressed people with a great waistline. Netizens who saw the photo applauded Dahyun's figure and even called these photos of the idol "legendary." Idol was praised for her beauty and for maintaining her healthy figure from her debut until now. She has left people speechless with her visuals, and it is no surprise why!
Are you impressed with Dahyun's ant waist? Tell us in the comments below! TWICE's Recent Activities On Apr. 20, 2021, TWICE released their eighth Japanese single, "Kura Kura." The song is available for digital download and streaming by Warner Music Japan. The physical version of the single will be released on May 12, 2021. Previously, TWICE announced the release of "Kura Kura" and its b-sidetrack "Strawberry Moon" to fans through their online concert "TWICE in Wonderland" back on Mar. 6, 2021.
ALSO READ: 2000 Days With TWICE: From Being a 'Monster Rookie' to 'National Girl Group' "TWICE in Wonderland" is the girl group's second online concert. It was held in partnership with NNTT Docomo and was broadcast with the use of various advanced technologies, such as augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR). On Jan. 28, TWICE made a special appearance on the TIME 100 Talks series held by TIME Magazine. They appeared on the live stream broadcast and performed an exceptional performance of their song "Depend On You" from their "Eyes Wide Open" album. TWICE are confirmed to appear on "The Kelly Clarkson Show" on Apr. 27 at 2 PM EST/11 AM PST. The group will be performing their hit single "CRY FOR ME."
ALSO READ: TWICE to Make Appearance on 'The Kelly Clarkson Show' TWICE is scheduled to make a full nine-member group comeback by Jun. 2021. The girl group has already finished filming the music video for the title track. The specific date has yet to be revealed.

BLACKPINK Jennie Flaunts Sexy Figure in Recent Pictorial

BLACKPINK's Jennie showed off her physique in her recent photoshoot. The idol posted a photo of her clad in underwear brand on her Instagram on the May 1.

G-Dragon Named as the Reason Why Luxury Brands Started Selecting Korean Idols as Brand Ambassadors

According to a media outlet, G-Dragon paved the way for Korean idols to become brand ambassadors for high-profile luxury brands. Keep on reading to know more. G-Dragon Named as the Reason Why Luxury Brands Started Selecting Korean Idols as Brand Ambassadors It is quite evident that over the past couple of years, there has been an increase in Korean idols being selected to become brand ambassadors for many high-profile luxury brands, such as BTS for Louis Vuitton, EXO's Kai for Gucci, BLACKPINK's Jennie for Chanel and more. However, what propelled these luxury brands to select Korean idols as their brand ambassadors? According to Money Lab, BIGBANG's leader and rapper, G-Dragon, was the one who paved the way. According to the media outlet, Chanel held a fashion show in Paris, France, back in 2015. In this show, G-Dragon was present at the time, which later became a hot topic among netizens and media outlets as it was the first time an Asian star, let alone a Korean idol, to be invited to the show. IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: BIGBANG OT5 Comeback? Boy Group Posts New SNS Profile Picture Featuring G-Dragon, T.O.P, Daesung, Taeyang, and Seungri
Since G-Dragon's Chanel's fashion show appearance, Korean idols have gradually started to become representatives and ambassadors in the luxury goods industry. Back then, the term "ambassador" only meant that the brand would borrow the celebrity's image and name for marketing purposes. But in recent years, ambassadors have started promoting products and services more effectively by wearing the product itself or using it. Korean Idols' Influence as a Brand Ambassador to Luxury Brands As more Korean idols become brand ambassadors for these luxury brands, there is a noticeable increase in sales for the latter. In March 2020, EXO's Kai, who is an ambassador for Gucci, partnered with the brand for a special collaboration on an exclusive collection, making him the first-ever Korean celebrity to do so with the luxury brand. The Kai x Gucci collection featured knitwear that retails for 1.77 million won (approximately $1,570 USD), and just less than a day of its release, the knitwear, along with the others in the collection, was completely sold out, showing tremendous popularity. BTS, who became a brand ambassador for Louis Vuitton in April, already led the brand to have its products go out-of-stock even before their ambassadorship. After Virgil Abloh, Louis Vuitton's artistic director for the men's collection, posted a video interview with BTS on his Instagram account, a T-shirt that was worn by Jimin immediately went out-of-stock in all countries, showing BTS's brand power. READ MORE: BTS Jimin Is the King of Brand Power, Louis Vuitton Outfit Completely Sold Out According to Jeong Do-jin, a professor of Business Administration at Chung-Ang University, now that recognition of Korean idols has expanded throughout the world, ambassador marketing has become suitable for expensive brands. He adds that ambassador marketing is not suitable for low-cost and mass-produced products. That is why there is a tendency for luxury brands to select Korean idols with intangible values. However, there are also mixed concerns that this type of marketing of luxury brands is promoting over-consumption by the younger generation who have a desire to "show off" their purchases of these luxury goods. But it is quite clear that Korean idols have led fans to learn Korean and the Korean culture, which created a value that cannot be converted to economic value alone.

Confirmed! Seo Ye Ji Loses 'Island' Drama, OCN Looking for Replacement

After speculations became rife that Seo Ye Ji will be dropped from talks to join "Island" allegedly because of her misbehaviors, this is now confirmed. The actress is no longer going to be part of the upcoming OCN drama. Seo Hye Ji Loses 'Island' Project On May 4, her own agency GOLDMEDALIST itself confirmed the news. The statement released described the whole decision to not let Seo Ye Ji not star in "Island" was mutual between them and the network.
It was only back in October 2020 that the actress was reported to be in talks to be part of "Island." At the time, Kim Nam Gil was already confirmed for a role in the show, while Cha Eun Woo was also said to be invited to be part of the show. At the time, Seo Ye Ji truly was a highly sought-after actress after her very successful "It's Okay Not to Be Okay" drama. However, a recent massive controversy about her allegedly manipulating Kim Jung Hyun back in 2018 had negatively affected her reputation. ALSO READ: Kyungri and Jeong Jinwoon Break Up: Is This the Real Reason? After confirming this news of Seo Ye Jin's withdrawal from "Island," it is now reported the showrunners are now working to find a new actress for the role.
Fans of the actress, regardless if they know about the scandal or not, are truly saddened by what is happening. Most of them remain supportive of the actress and are claiming the role in "Island" truly suits Seo Ye Jin. The actress to play this role supposedly for Seo Ye Jin certainly has a big shoe to fill. Seo Hye Jin Scandal: Why Is it So Serious? The scandal does not only involved one issue. Instead, a series of scandals erupted almost all at the same time, effectively ruining Seo Ye Jin's image for all. First, there was the alleged bullying of her classmates when they were still in middle school. At least two of the actress's alleged classmates claimed she was quite hurtful against them. However, Seo Hye Jin's agency made compelling statements to deny these. The classmates were adamant, though, claiming they are only coming out now because they are already mothers and did not want to be caught up in such an embarrassing issue at first. While this scandal was being debated about by those who love and hate Seo Hye Jin, another emerged, this time of her allegedly bullying the "It's Okay Not to Be Okay" staffers. One of them said she was told to suck all the abuses up or risk losing her job. It's also hard for them to take pictures of what Seo Hye Jin was doing to them because the actress has a habit of checking their phones. Fans were the most shocked, however, of the allegation that she was manipulating her own ex-boyfriend, Kim Jung-Hyun, who most would associate as Gu Seung-Joon in "Crash Landing on You." The accusation was that the actress forbade him to do kissing scenes. What fueled the rumors is that Kim himself never denied these allegations.
Given all of these have piled up, Seo Hye Jin's professional life has suffered. Losing "Island" is just one of the consequences. In Case You Missed It: Seo In Guk and Lee Soo Hyuk's Forthcoming Film 'Pipeline' Reveals First Trailer

ITZY Reveals They All Tried to Leave JYP Entertainment before Debuting

During their appearance on SBS's "Tikita CAR," ITZY revealed they all tried to leave JYP Entertainment prior to their debut. Keep on reading to learn more. Why Did ITZY Want To Leave JYP Entertainment Before Debuting? Find Out Here ITZY recently appeared on the SBS variety show, "Tikita CAR." Prior to the episode's airing, some teaser clips have circulated online. The girls were seen spilling stories from their pre-debut days, as well as gush on how much they admire cast member Um Moon Seok. Specifically, ITZY member Chaeryeong revealed that she had been a fan of the Um Moon Seok ever since he appeared on Mnet's "Dancing 9."
After dancing to a medley of J.Y. Park's hit songs, Chaeryeong spoke about the difficulties of training for seven years. She revealed that the monthly skill evaluations were very difficult and noted that she had to do one every month for seven years. Charyeong confessed that every month was hard for her. The group then confessed that they all tried to leave JYP Entertainment together before they made their debut. They stressed that they wanted to do it together and not as individuals. They ultimately stayed, however, and debuted under the company as ITZY.
ITZY appeared on the May 2 episode of "Tikita CAR," which aired at 11:05 PM KST. Check out the clip of them speaking about their pre-debut days here: ALSO READ: ITZY Stylists Continue to Receive Criticism: 'Dress Them up Like TWICE' ITZY's Recent Activities ITZY released their fourth mini-album "Guess Who" on Apr. 30, 2021. The mini-album contains six tracks, including the title track "Mafia in the Morning." On Apr. 28, it was announced that "Guess Who" surpassed 260,000 pre-orders, making it ITZY's best-selling album. This exceeds their personal record with "Not Shy," which sold 200,000 copies.
ALSO READ: ITZY Surpasses Own Record of Highest Pre-Orders with New Album 'GUESS WHO' "Mafia in the Morning" is inspired by the popular game Mafia. It is a hip-hop track with dance-trap influences. Lyrically, the song talks about secretly stealing someone's heart. "Mafia in the Morning" explores ITZY's various vocal styles with the help of trippy synths. ALSO READ: ITZY Drops Much-Anticipated Comeback 'GUESS WHO' + See Full Showcase Here Member Chaeryeong stated in an interview with VICE that "Guess Who" showcases ITZY's more mature side. The album is not like their past releases, which have happy songs. Instead, the songs are more profound and darker. She also noted that, unlike their previous releases, their expressions and stories they are speaking are the main points of this album.
ALSO READ: ITZY Announce FANFIA Live Stream Event for Fans On Mar. 20, ITZY released the digital single "Trust Me (MIDZY)." The song is dedicated to their fans. It was released as part of their global live stream event.

Former 9Muses Ryu Sera Reveals She Was Kicked Out of the Group, CEO Threatened to Hurt Her

Former 9Muses member, Ryu Sera, recently sat down for an interview with Youtuber Fefo Caires. In the interview posted on May 4, Ryu Sera opens up on the K-Pop industry, her experiences, and what led her to open her own Youtube channel. She also reveals that she was actually kicked out of the group and that her former CEO threatened to hurt her. Keep on reading to know more. Former 9Muses Ryu Sera Reveals She Was Kicked Out of the Group During the interview, Brazilian Youtuber Fefo Caires asked Ryu Sera about her departure from 9Muses back in 2014, to which the latter revealed that she didn't intend to leave - but was forced out.
According to Ryu Sera, her contract with Star Empire at the time was expiring. The singer kept wondering to herself whether or not she was a good influence as a member of 9Muses - visual-wise, and that it was constantly on her mind. Ryu Sera said that all the other members of the group were thin and tall, and that she was short - to which she struggled with. Her former company, Star Empire, kept telling her that she was not good enough, so during the discussion for contract renewal, she took into consideration her place within the gorup. IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Former Nine Muses Sera Fires Back at Netizens Criticizing Her BTS Reaction Videos Saying the Group Doesn't Need Her In addition, Ryu Sera explains that during the discussion for the contract renewal, she wanted to add terms, such as 9Muses being allowed to attend concept meetings and have a say in future concepts. Then one day, Ryu Sera read an article saying she was leaving the group without her knowledge. She adds that initially, she didn't intend to renew her contract, but later changed her mind to add terms according to 9Muses' future plans and activities. "I think my boss thought that I crossed the line when I asked too many things, like us deciding what songs and concepts or what to wear in the future. I don't think he liked it," said Ryu Sera. From 2010 to 2014, during her time with the group, 9Muses never had talks with the company regarding creative decisions. Former 9Muses Ryu Sera Reveals Star Empire's CEO Threatened to Hurt Her In the latter part of the interview, Fefo Caires asked Ryu Sera if she held any bad feelings towards Star Empire, to which the singer said that she made peace with the CEO three years ago and that she is "no longer in threat," and that "he is no longer going to break her leg if he sees her again." According to Ryu Sera, that was the reason she never signed any contracts with a new company and that she stayed silent for a while, focusing on releasing her album on her own and making her Youtube channel. "I was hiding, he has huge connections," said Ryu Sera. However, the singer said that threats, blackmails and such are very "normal" back then - and that it is still very much happening in the Korean entertainment industry right now. Watch the full interview here: Ryu Sera's departure from the group starts at 3:00; CEO threatening her starts at 24:00.

Former I.O.I and PRISTIN Nayoung Cries During Video Call With Kyulkyung

On Tuesday, May 4, I.O.I members reunited for a special broadcast to celebrate their 5th debut anniversary. During the broadcast, former PRISTIN member Nayoung couldn't help but shed tears after seeing Zhou Jieqiong, also known as Kyulkyung, during a video call portion. Keep on reading for all the details. Former I.O.I and PRISTIN Member Nayoung Sheds Tears Upon Seeing Kyulkyung During Video Call On Tuesday, May 4, I.O.I held a special broadcast for their 5th debut anniversary. I.O.I member Jeon Somi, Kim Sejeong, Choi Yoojung, Kim Chungha, Kim Sohye, Jung Chaeyeon, Kim Doyeon, Im Nayoung, and Yu Yeonjung were present for the broadcast.
ALSO READ: I.O.I to Reunite after Four Years of Disbandment in Celebration of 5th Debut Anniversary During the start of the program, Nayoung, who was the leader of the group, informed fans that Kyulkyung and Mina would be unable to attend the event due to schedules. Kyulkyung is currently promoting in China, while Mina is busy with her acting career. Despite being absent from the physical broadcast, Kyulkyung made sure to make an appearance and surprised fans by video calling the girls all the way from China. Kyulkyung, like the other I.O.I girls, did their iconic "Yes, I love it!" greeting and introduced herself as a member of the girl group. As Kyulkyung gave her message, Nayoung immediately started crying. no like nayoung and jieqiong have been through so much together i can’t — sherl (@pristinfilms) May 4, 2021 The two are known to have gone through a lot together. Both became trainees under PLEDIS Entertainment in 2010 and have trained together for years. The two both competed on Mnet's "Produce 101" and debuted in I.O.I together. Following I.O.I's disbandment, they debuted with PRISTIN in 2017 and remained members of the group until their disbandment in 2019.
During the video call, she expressed sadness over not being able to be there physically with the girls. Despite that, she is grateful and touched that I.O.I was able to keep their promise of reuniting during their 5th debut anniversary. She recalled how she had spoken with Yoojung the day prior to the broadcast and how they talked about being thankful that there are still so many people who are fans of I.O.I. Kyulkyung expressed her hopes of I.O.I returning the love the fans have given them one day, as well as working hard to be a better version of herself. She hopes that an opportunity will arise where the girls will be able to meet their fans once more. The girls talk about wanting to see Kyulkyung soon, and the Chinese idol notes that she will visit when she can. She also asks the girls to download WeChat, China's most popular multi-purpose message, social media, and mobile payment application.
I.O.I was formed through the Mnet's survival program "Produce 101 Season 1." The girls competed against 101 trainees to debut in the eleven-member group. On May 4, 2016, I.O.I made their debut with their debut mini-album "Chrysalis," which features the lead single "Dream Girls." On Aug. 2016, I.O.I debuted their first sub-unit composed of Chungha, Nayoung, Sohye, Yoojung, Kyulkyung, Somi, and Doyeon. They debuted with the song "Whatta Man (Good Man)," and member Chungha choreographed the dance. That same year, they made their return will all eleven members with "Very Very Very," the title track of their mini-album "Miss Me?" They earned their first music show win as a whole group with the comeback. I.O.I held their last concert. "Time Slip - I.O.I" from Jan. 20 to Jan. 22. Prior to their concert, they released their farewell track on Jan. 17 titled "Downpour," which was written and co-produced by SEVENTEEN's Woozi. I.O.I formally disbanded on Jan. 31, 2017.

Former ‘Produce X 101’ Contestant Tony Under Fire in China as People Question His Nationality

Former "Produce X 101" and current "Youth With You 3" contestant Tony (Yu Jingtian) is currently under fire in China as people question his nationality. Keep on reading for all the details. Former "Produce X 101" Trainee Tony Under Fire Due to Nationality Quarrels Tony, a former "Produce X 101" and current "Youth With You 3" contestant, is currently under fire as people question the legitimacy of his nationality. With just six days left until the finale of "Youth With You 3," Chinese netizens have started questioning the male's nationality.
On May 2, netizens resurfaced an old clip of Tony while he was competing on Mnet's "Produce X 101." During his introduction clip, he stated that he is from Canada, but both of his parents are from China. When he appeared on "Youth With You 3," however, he stated that he was proud to represent China in a foreign show and represent Chinese people. People are now slamming the
People are now discussing the male's true nationality, with many wondering if the 2002-liner holds dual citizenship. China does not recognize dual citizenship, meaning if he has citizenship in both China and Canada, he would be breaking the former's dual citizenship laws. However, the claims of Tony holding both Canadian and Chinese citizenship have not been proven. ALSO READ: Two Former ‘Produce’ Trainees Reveal the Truth behind the Show The backlash against Tony was ignited after rumors started speculating that Tony's parents operated a karaoke business that offered sexual services and sold illegal substances. The karaoke bar, named Jingli KTV, was operated by Tony's mother and father with a third party while living in China. In a statement released by Tony's mother, they sold all their shares to that third person in 2008 when the family immigrated to Canada.
However, they did not process the company's industrial and commercial changes in time and only did so in 2019 when they returned to China. Tony's mother apologized for causing Tony's fans great trouble. She announced that they would be taking legal action against those spreading the rumors that they sold sexual services and drugs, claiming the rumors to be false. Tony's current company, Astro Entertainment, issued a statement saying that Tony did not participate in any of the rumors being circulated and has not done anything that would negatively impact society.
Chinese netizens are now calling for Tony's withdrawal from "Youth With You 3." Currently, Tony ranks first on the show and is a fan-favorite among Chinese viewers and international fans. He has maintained the first place position since the start of the show. Tony Yu as a "Produce X 101" Contestant In 2019, Tony Yu participated in Mnet's boy group survival show "Produce X 101." At the time, he was representing Hongyi Entertainment alongside Wei Zi Yue. The company is a joint venture between South Korea's FNC Entertainment and China's Suning Universal Media. At the time, Tony had been training for eight months.
During his audition for the show, he was put in Class A, making him the only foreigner to do so. During the re-evaluations, he was demoted to class F. He was the only foreigner to make it to the finals and ended the show at rank 20, garnering 1,141,121 votes. After the show ended, he held a solo fan sign in South Korea titled "Under the Blue Sky."

BLACKPINK Jennie Plastic Surgery Rumors 2021: Truth About 'SOLO' Singer Going Under the Knife to Achieve a Perfect Face

It cannot be denied that BLACKPINK member Jennie is one of the most beautiful female K-pop idols today. As a matter of fact, most of her fans admire her not only because of her impressive rapping and dancing skills because they also love how she maintains her looks and gorgeous face.
However, just like other K-pop stars, BLACKPINK Jennie was also hounded with plastic surgery rumors. While some think that she did not go under the knife, others believe that the "How You Like That" singer underwent cosmetic enhancements to achieve a better look.
ALSO READ: BLACKPINK Lisa Plastic Surgery Rumors 2021: Here's Why Thai Rapper Was Accused of Undergoing Cosmetic Enhancements BLACKPINK Jennie Plastic Surgery Rumors Debunked Jennie garnered a lot of attention when she was launched as one of the official members of BLACKPINK. Many K-pop fans adored the fact that she has a well-proportioned face and shape, making more people admire and get envious of her. Her flawless beauty also made some K-netizens wonder if she underwent plastic surgery. Devoted supporters of BLACKPINK member Jennie were quick to do research by searching for her old photos and comparing it to her new snaps. BLINKs claimed that Jennie used to have a stout face, which changed later on after she was announced as part of BLACKPINK. Many found out that there were no alterations on Jennie's facial features.
Old photos of BLACKPINK member Jennie showed that she already has a cute and innocent face even when she was younger. But, it was clear that her face had some minor changes after YG Entertainment, reportedly, imposed a strict diet for the South Korean songstress and her co-members. Previously, a plastic surgeon in South Korea tried to analyze if the "Ice Cream" singer is naturally pretty. The expert, surprisingly, did not mention anything about BLACKPINK Jennie undergoing plastic surgery to improve her features. Instead, the plastic surgeon commented on the rapper's skin. The expert admired BLACKPINK Jennie's cat eyes, which she said is definitely natural. She added the only thing that changed was her skin, which is a bit fairer than before. The plastic surgeon also said she likes the sassy Asian-American vibes Jennie gives off on and off stage.
YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE: BLACKPINK Jisoo Plastic Surgery Rumors 2021: Truth About 'Snowdrop' Actress Going Under the Knife to Achieve a Perfect Face BLACKPINK Jennie Featured on New Soju Advertisement Meanwhile, Jennie looked so dashing in the new latest advertisement of Chum Churum. The clip showed the BLACKPINK member enjoying some time with her friends as they sip on the legendary Chum Churum soju. The video showed that Chum Churum is very ideal at any time, any place, and any occasion. Not only that because it would totally taste better if drank around friends and loved ones.
Earlier this year, it was revealed that Chum Churum soju would be marketing a rebranded version this year. Following the launching of BLACKPINK member Jennie as its latest international brand ambassador, the company revealed that there would be a slight decrease of the beverage's alcohol content from 16.9% to 16.5%. As of this writing, the newest Chum Churum advertisement already has a total of 517,000 views on YouTube. It was also able to garner more than 3,500 likes and 854 comments. These numbers are expected to increase in the coming days as more and more people watch BLACKPINK Jennie's latest commercial.

BTS Butter SUGA & Jin concept clips, ENHYPEN’s 1st win, New KPop girl group & more: DAILY HIGHLIGHTS

May 4 was a busy day for fans trying to keep up with everything that happened in the K-industry. Well, our Daily Highlights segment is here to help you do exactly that - but in a much easier way! Take a look at the key moments that happened today below in a bite-sized format.
Mystic Story’s new girl group scheduled to launch in second half of 2021 The entertainment label has reported that they plan to launch the debut of their first girl group later in the year, though the name of the band is not known at this moment. The group will consist of six members, of which only the identities of Kim Su Hyun and Moon Sua have been revealed. Kim Su Hyun played the popular character of a high school girl in ‘A-TEEN’, while Moon Sua made an appearance on ‘Unpretty Rapstar 2’, and is the younger sibling of ASTRO’s Moonbin. Last year, an Instagram account named ‘Mystic Rookies’ was started by the label, featuring updates about trainees and the group. Rocket Punch unveils concept photos for upcoming album ‘Ring Ring’ With the group’s first single album set to release on May 17, the promotions are definitely going to create much hype. The first set of concept photos feature beautiful portraits of the individual members, along with one of the entire group together. Certainly colourful with a slight cartoonish look, the photos project a definite ‘lightness’ to the upcoming album. This is going to be the group’s latest comeback, following their third mini album, BLUE PUNCH, from the ‘COLOUR PUNCH’ series, featuring title track ‘JUICY’. 로켓펀치(Rocket Punch) 1st Single Album 'Ring Ring' Concept Photo #1 2021.05.17 MON 6PM(KST)#로켓펀치 #RocketPunch#연희 #YeonHee#RingRing #20210517_6PM — Rocket Punch(로켓펀치) (@RocketPunch) May 4, 2021 로켓펀치(Rocket Punch) 1st Single Album 'Ring Ring' Concept Photo #1 2021.05.17 MON 6PM(KST)#로켓펀치 #RocketPunch#쥬리 #Juri#RingRing #20210517_6PM — Rocket Punch(로켓펀치) (@RocketPunch) May 4, 2021 로켓펀치(Rocket Punch) 1st Single Album 'Ring Ring' Concept Photo #1 2021.05.17 MON 6PM(KST)#로켓펀치 #RocketPunch#수윤 #SuYun#RingRing #20210517_6PM — Rocket Punch(로켓펀치) (@RocketPunch) May 4, 2021 로켓펀치(Rocket Punch) 1st Single Album 'Ring Ring' Concept Photo #1 2021.05.17 MON 6PM(KST)#로켓펀치 #RocketPunch#윤경 #YunKyoung#RingRing #20210517_6PM — Rocket Punch(로켓펀치) (@RocketPunch) May 4, 2021 로켓펀치(Rocket Punch) 1st Single Album 'Ring Ring' Concept Photo #1 — Rocket Punch(로켓펀치) (@RocketPunch) May 4, 2021 로켓펀치(Rocket Punch) 1st Single Album 'Ring Ring' Concept Photo #1 2021.05.17 MON 6PM(KST)#로켓펀치 #RocketPunch#RingRing #20210517_6PM — Rocket Punch(로켓펀치) (@RocketPunch) May 4, 2021 Red Velvet’s Peek-A-Boo surpasses 200 million views; becomes their fourth MV to achieve this
The hauntingly beautiful music video Peek-A-Boo was released on November 17, 2017 and today, on May 4, 2021 surpassed 200 million views on YouTube today! The video has an edgy, seductive vibe, and is clearly a fan favourite. It is Red Velvet’s fourth MV to achieve this after Bad Boy, Psycho and Russian Roulette. Congratulations, Red Velvet! ENHYPEN takes its first-ever win on The Show with their comeback track Drunk-Dazed Rookie group ENHYPEN made their first comeback just a few days ago with their album titled BORDER: CARNIVAL. The album’s title track Drunk-Dazed has been doing rounds and is a catchy song. They were strong contenders to other first place competitors CLOSE by AB6IX and Ugly Dance by ONF. In the end, ENHYPEN’s Drunk-Dazed won by 6,790 points, making them achieve their first-ever trophy! Kim Nam Gil in talks to star as a lead in SBS’ upcoming crime thriller Actor Kim Nam Gil has shown his acting prowess by being a part of commendable projects such as Pandora and Memoir of A Murderer. Currently being cast in the upcoming drama ‘Island’, he has received an offer to play the role of a criminal profiler in SBS’ new crime thriller called Those Who Read Hearts of Evil. The actor;s agency confirmed that he has received the role and is still reviewing. They also stated that he has received many offers after being cast in Island but nothing is yet confirmed. BTS’ #3rdTasteOfButter: Members Jin and SUGA show a fun side in the concept clip BTS’ highly-anticipated single Butter has been creating a lot of buzz lately. Yesterday, BIG HIT MUSIC released Jungkook and RM’s concept clips. Today, they released clips of the oldest members Jin and SUGA’s clips. Jin holds a bunch of smiley balloons in his hands, which are both red and yellow in color, SUGA’s prop is that of an old camera, and he goes around clicking pictures,posing with it and taking out reels in the video. #BTS #방탄소년단 #BTS_Butter Concept Clip - 진 (Jin) — BIGHIT MUSIC (@BIGHIT_MUSIC) May 4, 2021 #BTS #방탄소년단 #BTS_Butter Concept Clip - 슈가 (SUGA) — BIGHIT MUSIC (@BIGHIT_MUSIC) May 4, 2021