Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Digimon Adventure Debuts a Surprise Patamon Evolution

Digimon Adventure debuted a surprising Patamon evolution in the newest episode! Digimon Adventure's reboot series has been making its way through its next intense arc, and fans have seen some surprising evolutions over the course of its first 30 or so episodes. But now a new wrench has been thrown into the mix that fans of the original series are bound to be surprised by as the evolutions in the new series are no longer confined by the rules of that first series. Because as we see in Episode 32 of the series, these new Digimon partners have branching evolution forms.

Episode 32 of the series surprises with a pull from Digimon Adventure 02 and sees Patamon evolve not into Angemon as had been seen prior, but sees it evolve into Pegasmon (Pegasusmon in the original Digimon Adventure 02) through the battle. But this time around, it's without the need for the Digi-Egg of Hope.

Branching evolutionary paths in general are not a first for this franchise, nor had the evolutions been set in stone in the new series as MetalGreymon and WereGarurumon had received upgrades to their forms in prior episodes, but this is a huge twist to the original anime series. This is a major step forward for the rest of the series. It was possible to connect certain dots from the older series through the first half of the reboot, but now we're in completely uncharted waters here.

When Patamon sees Tai and Sora struggle against attacking Fangmon and Cerberumon, it digs deep into itself to try and evolve but it's exhausted much of its holy power in the previous fight against DarkKnightmon. But it still manages to evolve into this familiar Season 2 evolution, and thus raises many questions about the potential evolutions of the other DigiDestined as the series moves forward.

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