Friday, November 20, 2020

Black Friday SSD deals: the fastest PC storage for the best price

Picking up a shiny new Black Friday SSD deal is one of the simplest ways to give your gaming PC a little shot in the arm. It's not going to suddenly deliver a chunky frame rate boost in Call of Duty Cold War, but it could mean you can get into the game a lot quicker, and y'know, actually fit the damned thing into your PC.

With game sizes getting ever more chonk it's always worth making sure you've got ample capacity in reserve for that next big title. Right now Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is the mightiest of all the mighty storage hogs on PC right now, clocking in at 231GB. That's big enough that a 256GB boot drive simply wouldn't have enough space for it and a simple Windows installation.

And we're at a point now where SSD storage is such good value on a price/GB basis that it now makes sense to simply keep adding in new solid state drives to your setup to keep that all-important game data safe. Especially with some of the Black Friday SSD deals we're expecting to see over the next week or so. Indeed considering some of the Black Friday SSD deals we're already seeing.

But size isn't the be-all-and-end-all. With the next-gen consoles both launching with speedy SSDs at their heart that performance is going to be front and center in the minds of game developers moving forward. Which means that hopefully a PCIe-based SSD will become a target on PC too, with the vast open world games of tomorrow all benefitting from super-fast storage.

So, it's worth getting on the NVMe SSD train right now, because the prices are no longer that different from their far slower SATA brethren. But there could still be some great Black Friday SSD deals on SATA drives too, making for great low-cost, but still relatively high-speed backups.

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