Thursday, July 9, 2020

Rockstar Prepares a Brand New Open-World Virtual Reality Game

We all should consider ourselves very lucky to be living in an era when Virtual Reality doesn’t represent something Sci-Fi anymore for several years. The technology is used in plenty of games, and more and more companies are trying to figure out how to adapt it for their titles.

Rockstar is one of those companies, and we all know it very well due to mostly the insanely-popular GTA series. But the company has also been in charge of other important open-world games like L.A. Noire, Bully, and more. But now, they want to take one step further and bring a new open-world game adapted for Virtual Reality.

Sydney-based Video Games Deluxe, the offshoot studio responsible for L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files, is suggesting that an all-new AAA open-world VR game will by released by Rockstar. Within a LinkedIn post, VGD is looking for a Game Designer, Senior Animator, and a Gameplay Programmer. Here’s what the description says:

"Having finished the critically well received L.A.Noire: The V.R. Case Files we are now gearing up for a new project, a AAA open world title in VR for Rockstar. 2020 marks our 7th year of working exclusively for Rockstar in Sydney and we are excited to taking on this ground breaking project."

"We have a number of job openings in our Sydney studio including Senior Programmers, Engine Programmer, Designer and Animator. If you are interested in one of these positions or would like two speak to someone who works here about VGD please get in touch."

There you have it, crystal clear. While we don’t know its moniker yet, time will surely clear all doubts. Hopefully, no serious hindrances will get in the way of the launch. Is anybody willing to bet on GTA 6 going VR mode? Or maybe an enhanced version of GTA 5? Let us know in a comment about what you think!

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