Tuesday, July 14, 2020

P-Valley – Is It Based On A True Story?

Starz’s P-Valley is a story of Black Women who and their life as sex workers. P-Valley also deals with issues like misogyny, homophobia, colorism, classism, racism. It seems like a story about women who are trying to make end meets. Like last year with Hustlers – starring Jennifer Lopez – P-Valley is a story exploring a business that is generally not looked upon as respectful.

The Details that are realized until now are: P-Valley is created by Playwright and showrunner Katori Hall. It is a show with all-women directors. The show is about ambitious and at times misguided women. The scrutiny they undergo due to their different profession. The problems they face with their family. It is probably releasing at a very appropriate time.

P-Valley is a female-empowering show, no doubt about it. With the Black Lives Matter movement going on, it cannot come at a better time. It is not exactly based on a real like story but is a story that portrays real-life happenings. It seems like a show about women by women but for everyone to enjoy.

P-Valley premiered at 9 pm ET/PT on Starz. Given the Sunday night prime spot, the network must expect some good to come out of the show.

P-Valley might give some insight into the life of sex-workers to the viewers. The concept is also based on the American dream and the women who dream it. The show will surely black women who work as sex-workers. It is expected to show that they more than they seem and they do don’t just try to make ends meet but live. P-Valley is the kind of show we need to put things in perspective for the viewers. It is a story that is based on the life that is real.

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