Sunday, July 5, 2020

New Animal Crossing Glitch Makes it Impossible to Cross Some Bridges

A few days ago, the latest update was released for Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Nintendo Switch. The newest version of the game expands the area that players can explore, as swimming and diving have been enabled. However, it seems that some players are finding certain areas are now harder to navigate, as well!

Apparently, some players are encountering a glitch that prevents them from crossing certain bridges. It's impossible to say for certain how common the glitch is, but several players have shared videos in which they attempt to cross a bridge, only to hit something akin to an invisible wall. Hopefully, a patch will be released sometime in the near future!

In the meantime, there does seem to be a workaround for those that have been effected by the glitch: players can demolish and replace those specific bridges by talking with Tom Nook. Thus far, it seems that players have reported success by going that route. It's definitely not an ideal fix, as bridges can be a bit costly; new bridges range in price from 98,000 to 228,000 Bells, in total. That's a good amount of money in the game! However, players can always go the cheaper route and go back to using the Vaulting Pole until Nintendo officially releases a patch. No matter what, Animal Crossing players will still be able to traverse their islands, so the glitch is more of a minor frustration than a game-breaking bug.

At the very least, we do know that a second summer update is scheduled to release for Animal Crossing: New Horizons at an unspecified time in the near future. Nintendo has yet to announce what fans can expect to see in the second summer update, but it seems likely that some fireworks displays could be in the works, as well as more fish and bugs for players to find. Perhaps that's when the bridge problem will get fixed, as well.

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