Saturday, May 9, 2020

Rust Valley Restorers Season 2: Release Date, Trailer & All Update

Rust Valley Restorers is a Canadian documentary series produced by Mayhem Entertainment for History, which is one of the popular Canadian channels. Rust Valley Restorers is produced by Mayhem Entertainment. The first episode of the series was released on December 6, 2018. Fans are already eagerly waiting for the release date of the second season of the series.

Based on the positive response from the audience, the production has planned to progress with another season. The first season of the series was made available on Netflix quite before premiering on the History Channel. It has managed to gain attention from car enthusiasts around the globe. Cars from the 1930s and 1960s are being restored and converted into a modern-day collection car. In this article, I’ll discuss Rust Valley Restorer’s season 2 release date, cast, and everything you need to know.

Is Rust Valley Restorers Season 2 Renewed?

Yes, Rust Valley Restorers season 2 has been renewed in the second season. It’s one of the few series which got renewed soon after the completion of the first season. It’s said that development has confirmed the renewal of the second season after facing several requests from the audience.  As far now, these are the information related to the Rust Valley Restorers Renewal.

When Is Rust Valley Restorers Season 2 Release Date?

Rust Valley Restorers Season 2 will be released on May 8th, 2020. This is if the series follows the previous release schedule. Earlier it’s said that there will be a slight delay in the release date of the season due to the outbreak of Covid-19.  The season was already released in the History channel on November 21, 2019. Now it’s planned to be released in Netflix reaching the maximum audience. Production announced their release date by putting an end to the leaks and speculation. As far as streaming details is concerned, we can expect similar streaming when compared with the previous season.

As of now, we don’t have any official confirmation about the streaming details of the series. We have to wait for the updates regarding the streaming details. Many might know that the entertainment industry is facing problems due to the lockdown, preventing the progress of drama and films. Many big-budget and most expected films have already approached online video streaming platform for release. However, we’ll update this part once the official announcement drops from the development. Check our website for regular updates.

Who Are The Cast included in Rust Valley Restorers?

Cast details of Rust Valley Restorers season 2 is not confirmed. It’s said that there won’t be any significant changes in the cast detail of the series. Technicians and field restoration workers are gonna remain the same for another season. Cast details of the second season will be the same as the first season. As of now, we don’t have any information regarding the cast included in the Rust Valley Restorers season 2. However, we’ll update this part once the official announcement drops.

Following are the cast included in Rust Valley Restorers Season 1

  • Mike Hall is an entrepreneur, rust collector, and hippy capitalist
  • Avery Shoaf is Mike’s
  • Connor is Mike Hall’s only son and has been working for his father
  • Sarah Ward
  • Cassidy Mceown
  • Tony Derksen.
These are the cast details available for Rust Valley Restorers Season 2.

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