Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Miley Cyrus Lets Mom Cut Her Hair, Gets 'Pixie Mullet' Style

Miley Cyrus can’t go to a hairstylist because of the lockdown, so she let her mom Tish Cyrus give her a haircut recently. The singer has been sporting a new hairstyle since early this year, and her mom gave her a “pixie mullet” look with a haircut at home.

Sally Hershberger gave Miley a mullet hairstyle in January, and she has now helped Tish give her daughter a new look. The hairstylist was on FaceTime with the mother-daughter due during the haircut session at home, People reported.

Hershberger told People about how Tish got ready for the job with a pair of sharp scissors, comb, feather razor, clips, and a spray bottle. In order to make sure she understood how to go about the haircut, the hairtylist decided to demonstrate how it had to be done on the live video chat.

“I find that actually demonstrating allows the client to get the best results,” Hershberger said.

The hairstylist also took her time with the haircut by focusing on small sections to make it easier for Tish to understand.

The haircut didn’t go exactly as planned. Miley likes to experiment with her hairstyles, and she sent Hersberger a picture of the kind of new look she wanted. After the hairstylist gave Tish instructions over FaceTime, the result of the haircut was not like anything the singer had in mind.

Miley doesn’t mind experimenting with bold new looks. Back in January, she shared pictures of her new mullet hairstyle that was inspired by her dad Billy Ray Cyrus and his hairstyle from decades ago, People reported. In the social media posts the singer shared back then, she said that the New Year means new music and a new hairstyle.

Before the lockdown began, Miley visited Hershberger’s salon with her boyfriend Cody Simpson, People reported. Apart from getting a couples haircut, the two celebrities have also been experimenting at home. Miley previously shard pictures of her holding a pair of scissors in her hands while her boyfriend knelt in front of her.

The black and white pictures Miley shared on Instagram, in which she appeared to give her boyfriend a haircut, were from their Super Bowl Sunday date night. “Superbowl supercuts,” the singer captioned the photos.

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