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Engine Masters Season 5 - Release Date, Trailer & All Update

Engine Masters is a challenge competition where the professional engineers involved in enhancing the performance of the engine using upcoming technologies. Engine Masters is created by AMSOIL. The first episode of the show made its initial debut entry on November 23, 2015. The series has gained a positive approach from the racing enthusiasts.

Based on the positive response, production has planned to take the series forward. Many might have already watched Engine Master season 5. The show is hosted by David Freiburger from Roadkill, Steve Dulcich from Engine Masters magazine along with Steve Brule from Westech Performance Group. We have gathered much information about the Engine Masters season 5. Let’s start discussing it without further delay.

When Is Engine Master’s season 5 Release date?

Engine Master Season 5 has been already released on Feb 28, 2020. The production has released as announced previously without any delay. Earlier it’s said that there will be a slight delay in the release date of the series. The series is made available in online reaching the maximum extent.IMDB rating of the Engine Masters is 9.2/10 and Google review providing 4.7/5 which look quite good for the television series.

It’s planned that the show was developed to reach various regions of a different part of the country. As expected the fifth season of the series has also gained a decent response from the audience. The fifth season of the series consisted of about 10 episodes, its more similar to the previous season of the series. Fans can enjoy their favorite season, available online.

Engine Masters StoryLine

Engine Masters Challenge is an engineering competition where the contents work as a team in improving the performance of the vintage car’s engine. The competition has been split into two parts where one dealing with the Vintage class for V8 engines introduced in 1954 and earlier whereas another engine is from Traditional Muscle for 1955-and-later. The similarity between the two parts is that they both have two valve piston forces per each rod.

Engines are tested in various environment applying maximum stress. Engines are powered to run using the dyno between 3000 and 7000 rotation per minute (RPM). The final result will be calculated taking average corrected torque and average corrected horsepower are added together and value divided by the cubic inches to get a final accuracy. The final number is the cubic capacity of the engine which is used to determine the power of the engine. Team gaming the maximum power out of the engine are awarded $10000 US dollars.

Contestants will be provided with the necessary mechanical equipment s and computer set to calculate the power of the engine in a digital form. They adopt various mechanical standards in producing the maximum power out of the engine. The panel of judges evaluates the performance of the engine by making the machine undergo several testing processes.

Following are the Engine Master Season 5 episode details
  • Engine Masters Season 5 Episode 1: Rod Ratio Examined aired on Feb 28, 2020.
  • Engine Masters Season 5 Episode 2: Cheap Carb Showdown aired on Mar 06, 2020.
  • Engine Masters Season 5 Episode 3: Pantastic News! aired on Mar 13, 2020.
  • Engine Masters Season 5 Episode 4: Iron Vs. Aluminum Heads: a Study of Heat aired on Mar 20, 2020.
  • Engine Masters Season 5 Episode 5: Advances in Cam Timing aired on Mar 27, 2020.
  • Engine Masters Season 5 Episode 6:  Free Valvetrain Tuning for More Power! aired on Apr 03, 2020.
  • Engine Masters Season 5 Episode 7: Single vs. Dual Exhaust aired on Apr 10, 2020.
  • Engine Masters Season 5 Episode 8: Carb Spacers: Gimmick or Gold? aired on Apr 17, 2020.
  • Engine Masters Season 5 Episode 9: The Mystery of the Great 4/7 Swap aired on  Apr 24, 2020.
  • Engine Masters Season 5 Episode 10: Windsor Manifold Showdown aired on May 01, 2020.

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