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Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Release Date & Everything You Need to Know

Star Trek, the most popular science fiction based series: Discovery is gearing up to introduce the series to its third season! Here’s some new update we’ve brought to the release date, cast, plot, Star Trek trailer: Season 3 of Discovery ‘s series.

Star Trek: The Discovery Series is a popularly recognized web television show produced for launch on CBS by Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman. The show began back in 2017, and yes, the show quickly won our hearts with its mind-boggling plotting and scenes, and straight-up became one of the shows received most watch time.

It covers the events that occurred about a decade before the events of the original Star Trek series and follows the USS Discovery crew on different adventures. If you haven’t seen any of the preceding seasons yet! Instead, after finishing the post, we would strongly recommend that you watch It.

Let’s leave all that aside for a while and explore Star Trek’s upcoming season: Discovery.

Star Trek: Season 3 of Discovery-Release Date

We just know we’ll see Star Trek’s third season: Discovery shows arriving soon. But sadly, the release date is still unknown for Star Trek: Discovery Season 3. We have information that the design and filming for the series episodes have already been finished, and only post-production works such as VFX, audio, and video editing are performed by research. So, yes, we may soon see the movie announced!

We’ll let you know the moment something becomes official! Until that stay tuned to our website for further future updates.

We might see some new cast members this time for Star Trek: Discovery Season 3. We have news on this where we will see Sonequa Martin-Green replay as Michael Burnham. Doug Jones to act as SarAnthony and Rapp to play Paul Stamets. Along with them, we will see Mary Wiseman, Wilson Cruz, and David Ajala in the forthcoming new season.


In terms of story specifics for Star Trek: Discovery Season 3, we have some speculation-based information that might be revealing the relationship between Book and Burnham during the upcoming season.

The producers have already revealed that the series will see a dramatic improvement relative to the past seasons. It will also take place approximately 1000 years after the incidents happened in the second season. In the second season, we saw Burnham running off to 930 years into the future with her crew. This ensures that the next season will address things on the horizon as it maps a path forward.

The Craziest, Most Disgusting TV Show Is Coming to Netflix

Have you ever wanted to see what it would look like if you tried to turn a corpse into a playable musical instrument? What about making a beehive out of a human skull, or using comatose bodies to fertilize a mushroom garden? If your answer is no, absolutely not, to all of these questions, I want to congratulate you on being of sound body and mind. If your answer is yes, you’re in luck.

The NBC TV show Hannibal, canceled in 2015 after just three seasons, is coming to Netflix in June. And I’m here to recommend that you watch it if horror is your bag. The series is loosely based on Thomas Harris’s novels like the Red Dragon and Silence of the Lambs, focusing on FBI investigator Will Graham, played by Hugh Dancy. Graham is gifted at identifying psychopaths, with episodes focusing on trying to capture some bizarre serial killer. He enlists the help of forensic psychologist Hannibal Lector (Mads Mikkelsen), who is, surprise, a cannibal and serial killer himself! Graham’s job gets more difficult when a copycat killer begins to replicate the very murders he’s trying to solve, and I don’t think I’m spoiling much by saying that Lecter doesn’t help the situation.

Let me be clear: Hannibal is batshit. Created by Pushing Daisies’ Bryan Fuller, the show has a distinctive, darkly baroque visual style that feels rare for television. It’s also funny, winking at itself often, and brimming with intense sexual tension between Graham and Lecter. But what’s most incredible about Hannibal is how insanely disgusting and ambitious it was for an NBC show. The crimes Graham has to investigate get increasingly crazier, not to mention the elaborate cannibal meals Lector cooks up every episode, and the show starts to feel like Law & Order: SVU as directed by David Cronenberg. It’s a hard show to stomach, but its body horror can be more poetic than shocking. Every episode you’ll ask, how the hell did this ever air?

Hannibal’s inspired gore, whether it’s your cup of tea or not, feels rare these days. In the years since Hannibal aired, gruesome crime shows have proliferated; True Detective, Sharp Objects, Mindhunter. You can open up any streaming app today and find dozens of documentaries and podcasts dedicated to murderers famous and obscure. But there’s absolutely nothing realistic about Hannibal’s violence. It doesn’t have the same cheap, blinding effect as so many shows that mine real human cruelty for entertainment value as if all that makes for great horror is a cold replication of a crime scene. It’s how beautiful Hannibal can be, from shots of Lecter’s decadent meat-based meals to its cinematic crime scenes, that makes it so scary.

Justice League Snyder Cut release date just confirmed for HBO Max

The Justice League Snyder Cut is real and we've got its HBO Max release date and more

The Justice League Snyder Cut is actually coming out - we just got the release date. Yes, the Snyder Cut, the kind of geek lore that's been passed around for years and spawned the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut hashtag is really happening.

While many have scoffed at the biggest running conspiracy theory in comic book movie history, we just learned it's coming to HBO Max. Full details below. Of course, as you read the below, you'll start to wonder how a massively different cut of a film actually exists. But it does, and it's coming soon. Typically, studios don't shoot scenes they don't need, but you never know if Warner Bros. changed its minds at the last second.

So, here's everything you need to know about the Snyder Cut of Justice League, including how soon you could expect to see it online.

On May 20, on a Zoom call with fans after Zack Snyder's Man of Steel watch party, Snyder said the release of the Snyder Cut is not up to him. And then, after some cajoling from Henry Cavill, Snyder revealed the below image.

Yes, the Justice League Snyder Cut is real and it's coming to HBO Max in 2021.

Hilariously, the Snyder Cut may not be exactly what fans expect. The Hollywood Reporter notes that "Whether it will be released as an almost four-hour director’s cut or split into six "chapters" has yet to be decided, but the Snyders are now in the midst of reassembling much of their original postproduction crew to score, cut, add new and finish old visual effects, and, yes, maybe bring back many of the actors to record additional dialogue."

Snyder introduced the possibility of format changes in a presentation in early February, where he screened his material to Warner Bros., HBO Max, and DC execs.

Justice League Snyder Cut explained

The 2017 film Justice League, as originally planned, was only to be directed by Zack Snyder (Batman vs Superman, 300). Then, after a family tragedy struck, Warner Bros. announced Snyder was leaving the film. Joss Whedon (The Avengers, Buffy The Vampire Slayer) stepped in to finish the job, and the resultant movie looked very much like a mashup. You could almost tell which scenes smacked of Whedon and which had Snyder's signature (dark) touch.

Then, the rumors swirled that there was another Justice League. In December 2017, ScreenRant reported news of a test screening of the film that was "much darker." This version of the film soon became known as The Snyder Cut. Online, fans who wanted a truly gritty Justice League demanded that Warner Bros. release the Snyder Cut. Their cries ran out across social media, and included a petition that ended up gaining 179,261 signatures before it was locked.

And that felt like a lot of speculation and rumor, at least until March 2019, when Snyder confirmed the Snyder Cut's existence, bringing #ReleaseTheSnyderCut back into the conversation:

In the above video, Snyder is recorded by a fan (at a fundraiser) saying "all I can say is ... sure there's a cut ... it's done. I have a cut. I have a bunch of them. So, it's not like ... that's up to them [Warner Bros.]." This gave fans of the movie all the reason they needed to demand the cut get released. YouTuber Film Junkee shared an extra little note: Snyder wrote the number '214' on the poster for this event, and that the director used this to signal that the Snyder Cut is 214 minutes long. That's 94 minutes longer than the 2-hour Justice League that hit theaters.

In the aforementioned Hollywood Reporter report, Snyder is reported as saying "You probably saw one-fourth of what I did."

Justice League Snyder Cut on HBO Max

HBO Max is a perfect home for the Snyder Cut, and it arrives next year. At launch, HBO Max will have Joker (2019), but is that enough? Doom Patrol season 2 is coming, but not until June 25.

The Snyder Cut, however, is likely to drive a lot of eyeballs to HBO Max.

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Chris Gorham's Barry Allen Takes A 'substantial' Role In Justice League Dark: Apokolips War

Christopher Gorham is thrilled that one of his projects isn’t held up by the coronavirus crisis. After his latest live action TV pilot was put on hold, Gorham is hoping the release of Justice League Dark: Apokolips War will also emphasize a message of heroes fighting together at a time when the world needs it.

Wrapping up the epic storyline that’s been progressing through the DC’s animated films since 2014, Justice League Dark: Apokolips War was just released on digital and will be available May 19 on DVD, featuring Gorham’s voice as the character he’s been playing throughout the animated film series, Barry Allen / The Flash.

The movie brings together a huge cast of DC characters to fight against Darkseid, with several dramatic and action-filled twists along the way. And according to Gorham, Barry Allen not only plays a significant role in defeating the threat in this film, but the Flash goes through something in Apokolips War that Gorham calls “substantial emotionally” as well.

Miley Cyrus Lets Mom Cut Her Hair, Gets 'Pixie Mullet' Style

Miley Cyrus can’t go to a hairstylist because of the lockdown, so she let her mom Tish Cyrus give her a haircut recently. The singer has been sporting a new hairstyle since early this year, and her mom gave her a “pixie mullet” look with a haircut at home.

Sally Hershberger gave Miley a mullet hairstyle in January, and she has now helped Tish give her daughter a new look. The hairstylist was on FaceTime with the mother-daughter due during the haircut session at home, People reported.

Hershberger told People about how Tish got ready for the job with a pair of sharp scissors, comb, feather razor, clips, and a spray bottle. In order to make sure she understood how to go about the haircut, the hairtylist decided to demonstrate how it had to be done on the live video chat.

“I find that actually demonstrating allows the client to get the best results,” Hershberger said.

The hairstylist also took her time with the haircut by focusing on small sections to make it easier for Tish to understand.

The haircut didn’t go exactly as planned. Miley likes to experiment with her hairstyles, and she sent Hersberger a picture of the kind of new look she wanted. After the hairstylist gave Tish instructions over FaceTime, the result of the haircut was not like anything the singer had in mind.

Miley doesn’t mind experimenting with bold new looks. Back in January, she shared pictures of her new mullet hairstyle that was inspired by her dad Billy Ray Cyrus and his hairstyle from decades ago, People reported. In the social media posts the singer shared back then, she said that the New Year means new music and a new hairstyle.

Before the lockdown began, Miley visited Hershberger’s salon with her boyfriend Cody Simpson, People reported. Apart from getting a couples haircut, the two celebrities have also been experimenting at home. Miley previously shard pictures of her holding a pair of scissors in her hands while her boyfriend knelt in front of her.

The black and white pictures Miley shared on Instagram, in which she appeared to give her boyfriend a haircut, were from their Super Bowl Sunday date night. “Superbowl supercuts,” the singer captioned the photos.

Bon Jovi performs new single Limitless on The Voice finale

Hey “Voice” contestants, your potential is “Limitless.”

The band Bon Jovi performed their new inspirational single, “Limitless,” during the final episode of the current season of “The Voice” on Tuesday, May 19 on NBC.

The track is from the band's upcoming album, “2020,” now due out in the fall. “2020” was originally scheduled to be released on May 15, but it was pushed back when the band's summer tour was canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Two band members, David Bryan and Everett Bradley, have beat the coronavirus in the past few weeks. Coaches Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, John Legend and Nick Jonas each had a “Voice” in the competition. Micah Iverson (Team Kelly), Thunderstorm Artis (Team Nick), CammWess (Team Legend), Todd Tilghman (Team Blake), and Toneisha Harris (Team Blake) were still in the competition as of Tuesday.

Tilghman took the title. The night also featured several guest performances, including the Jonas Brothers, who, like Bon Jovi, are from Jersey.  “We are supposed to be socially distancing and you just touched millions of people,” said Shelton from Oklahoma after a performance on Monday, May 18.

Even though the album release and tour were nixed, it's been a busy time for Jon Bon Jovi and the band. Jon performed “Someday I'll Be Saturday Night” from his Middletown home Monday, May 18, on the “A Night of Covenant House Stars” fundraiser for homeless youth. The band performed a virtual acoustic version of “It's My Life” May 11 for the “Rise Up New York!” telethon, a benefit for the Robin Hood Fund and Jon played two songs, the new “Do What You Can” and “Livin' on a Prayer,” during the April 22 “Jersey 4 Jersey” benefit for the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund.

Elizabeth Hurley ‘Trying Ahead’ To Her 55th Birthday - Right here’s Why!

Elizabeth Hurley’s 55th birthday is true across the nook (June 10) however as an alternative of worrying about growing old, the attractive and proficient actress is relatively excited! It’s no secret that she just about appears to be like half her age and can be in the perfect form of her life.

That being stated, one insider dished on how she feels about including yet another 12 months whereas in quarantine in England.

The supply dished through HollywoodLife that her youthful look could be a results of her work ethic which has not modified whereas in isolation!

‘Now it’s apparent she has her moments of going stir loopy these days, like all of us. However she’s persevering with to stay in good spirits and in form and be in among the best bodily circumstances of her life as a result of she will not be taking her well being with no consideration,’ they defined through the positioning.

Simply taking a look at her IG account, it’s secure to say that the actress loves carrying bathing fits irrespective of the time of the 12 months. In spite of everything, who wouldn’t in the event that they regarded like her of their mid-50s?

That can be the explanation why she’s not anxious about turning 55.

‘With a birthday across the nook she isn’t feeling dangerous for herself one bit, she needs to be as wholesome for it as potential and in as superb form as one could be. She likes defying the chances and the way in which she appears to be like and maintains is one thing she by no means takes with no consideration. She loves at all times proving folks fallacious and looking out good doing it. Now who doesn’t need to be of their twenties however turning 55 goes to be superior and one thing to look ahead to.’

Elizabeth has been surprising folks for years by managing to look youthful each time she celebrates one other birthday and he or she actually enjoys that paradox!

In fact, this upcoming June 10 might be no completely different, lockdown or not, so followers needs to be anticipating a sultry, youthful image from her as soon as once more.

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Keith Urban test drives live concert at drive-in movie theater

Country music star Keith Urban performed a surprise live show at a drive-in movie theater in Nashville in a test drive for how concerts might look in the era of social distancing. Urban, on stage with just one other musician, played at the Stardust Drive-In outside Nashville Thursday night for about 200 frontline local healthcare workers who watched from their cars.

It was thought to be the first major live music show of its kind in the United States following the cancellation of hundreds of concerts and tours and the closure of large venues in March because of the coronavirus epidemic.

“It was a lot of fun,” Urban, who was named entertainer of the year by the Academy of Country Music last year, told the “Today” show on Friday.

“We didn’t know what to expect. For some degree, from a performance standpoint, it was a bit of a proof-of-concept show as well as to figure out what works, what doesn’t,” he added.

Urban played for about an hour to an audience in about 125 vehicles, who sat inside or on the hoods of their cars, according to video posted of the event. The 125 cars represented about half the normal capacity for the drive-in movie theater, organizers said.

Urban said he and band mate Nathan Barlowe, on guitar and keyboard, played live as well as to recorded tapes of his songs in what he called “really like karaoke.”

Musicians around the world have taken en masse to performing online and on social media, singing and playing from their homes or home studios in virtual concerts. Concert venues are expected to among the last to re-open because of the challenges of social distancing.

New York DJ D-Nice, whose quarantine concerts on Instagram Live have attracted audiences of more than 100,000, plans a similar live show for a drive-in audience on Saturday at the Gulfstream Park horse race track in south Florida. The audience will be made up of 200 first responders who will remain in their cars for the hour-long set, which will also be live-streamed on YouTube, organizers said on Friday.

‘Queer Eye’ Season 5 to premiere on June 5

The season 5 of “Queer Eye” is set to premiere on streaming platform Netflix on June 5. The popular makeover show made the announcement on its official Instagram page on May 14, Thursday.

“Grab your oars, a life vest, and an extremely absorbent box of tissues because Queer Eye Season 5 is arriving in Philly, June 5th!” the post read.

It shared a photo of the Fab Five, composed of Antoni Porowski, Tan France, Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk, and Jonathan Van Ness.

“Queer Eye” is a series that follows the Fab Five as they serve style tips and makeovers for people to reinvent themselves and live their best, most fabulous lives.

Patch Magtanong donates PPE

Beauty queen Patricia Magtanong donated through Panday Bayanihan personal protective equipment (PPE) to frontliners battling the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

According to the 26-year-old lawyer, she delivered the items to the National Center for Mental Health and the Philippine Children’s Medical Center.

The Miss International Philippines 2019 also thanked her friend and Grace Poe’s son, Brian Poe Llamanzares.

“Also working with Senator Poe’s office to craft and promote legislation pro-women and children. Recently, we filed Senate Bill No. 1410 which abolishes a penal provision legitimizing honor killings against women and children. Looking forward to more!” she wrote as the caption to her Instagram post.

Grace thanked Patch for her good deed.

“I’d like to thank my fellow UP alum Bb. Pilipinas International 2019 Patch Magtanong for her donation of PPEs. Through donors like @patchmag, we are able to help more hospitals in need. The @PandayBayanihan team, led by @heyitsbrianpoe, visited the Philippine Children’s Medical Center—which caters to kids infected with #Covid19 to distribute the PPEs donated by Atty. Magtanong,” wrote the daughter of late action star Fernando Poe Jr.

Ara Mina donates truckload of rice

Actress Ara Mina continues to help people during this public health crisis. She revealed on Instagram that their #TEAMDARVE recently donated a truckload of rice to people in the province of Laguna, Quezon City, Rizal, Caloocan, and Angeles, Pampanga.

“Ang munting tulong na ito ng aming #TEAMDARVE ay sana malayo ang marating,” she wrote as caption to photo of herself in front of the truckload of rice.

“Salamat sa lahat ng LGU’S at volunteers na tumulong sa pamamahagi ng aming nakayanan… Kaya natin ito! Tulong-tulong tayo!”

Prior to this, she prepared and gave milk and choco drink to kids in Caloocan, Malabon, and Binangonan, Rizal through the Goodwill Heart Foundation.

Early this month, Ara also launched a fundraiser to fight COVID-19.

“To celebrate my birthday, I’ve started another fund drive in collaboration with Pia Gladys Perey-Wälte, an International Fashion Designer. The project aims to raise funds to produce Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for our medical frontliners,” she shared at the time.

On her birthday May 9, Ara gave away 200 packs of food and drinks to Commonwealth Hospital and Medical Center.

Rocco Nacino, girlfriend join feeding activity for quarantined marine soldiers

Actor Rocco Nacino and girlfriend Melissa Gohing recently participated in a feeding activity for quarantined marine soldiers spearheaded by Brigadier General Cherisse Manzano of the Marines. The two along with Philippine Navy’s team S.T.A.R.S visited the soldiers to personally extend their gratitude to them for risking their lives in the fight against COVID-19.

“Isipin mo, pagkatapos mo magserbisyo, kailangan mo pa rin magpaquarantine. Imagine yung tagal na di mo makakasama ang pamilya nyo,” he wrote on Instagram.

Before some people think it was like a mass gathering, Kapuso star said they followed a “strict contact policy.”

“Kaya kwentuhan from afar nalang ang naganap with our frontliners,” Rocco said.

“Muli, salamat sa inyo, sa officers natin, at sa kapwa natin reservists at volunteers na nagtutulong tulong para makabangon tayo agad. Snappy salute! #PhilippineNavy,” he ended his post.

Fourth time’s the charm: ‘The New Mutants’ to close ‘X-Men’ saga in August

First delayed from April 2018 to February 2019, then August 2019, and most recently withdrawn from an April 2020 date due to COVID-19 measures, superhero horror The New Mutants is now being lined up for an Aug. 28, 2020 theatrical release.

Though principal photography finished in 2017, and despite suggestions that Disney - having acquired X-Men movie franchise studio Fox in March 2019 - was not impressed with the initial cut, the expected reshoots never took place.

Director Josh Boone, propelled to mainstream recognition for his work on romantic comedy The Fault in Our Stars, explained earlier this year that he felt that reshoots would have been counterproductive: the movie’s young cast had become visibly older.

However, both Boone and lead actress Maisie Williams have spoken positively of the final cut, completed after Disney invited the director back to oversee editing and special effects work.

The New Mutants stars Williams (Game of Thrones) as a Scottish werewolf, Anya Taylor-Joy (The Witch, Split) as a Russian sorcerer, Charlie Heaton (Stranger Things) as an airborne American, Blu Hunt (Another Life) as a Native American illusionist, and Henry Zaga (13 Reasons Why season one) as a sun-powered Brazilian.

Alice Braga (City of God, Queen of the South) serves as the group’s mentor, though the five superpowered mutants are being held captive in a so-called training complex, struggling to come to terms with their abilities and a terrifying range of manifestations.

Zaga and Boone are working together again on a miniseries adaptation of Stephen King’s apocalyptic classic The Stand, in which core X-Men franchise actor James Marsden plays the lead character.

FDCP releases guidelines for TV and film production amid ‘new normal’ situation

The Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) has prescribed guidelines on shooting TV series and films amid “new normal” situation brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. FDCP chair Liza Diño said film and TV outfits have to forgo shooting of large, elaborate scenes as a way to prevent the transmission of the deadly virus.

“Pagdating sa mga location restrictions at sa scene restrictions, dahil nga bawal ang mass gathering, alam natin pagdating sa production shoot hindi naman ‘yan camera at may tao tapos sinu-shoot na natin ‘yung eksena. Talagang nagse-set up tayo at nagsi-simulate tayo ng real life, so hindi muna natin pwedeng gawin ngayon,” Dino said during the Laging Handa briefing.

“Ang mga malalaking eksena, ‘yung mga eksena that constitute mass gatherings, katulad ng mga night club scene, political rallies, mga concerts, parada, festivals, mga malalaking parties, siyempre, it involves people and mahihirapan tayong ma-control ‘yun dahil number one, pinagbabawal sa atin ngayon ‘yun,” she continued.

Strict social distancing among workers should also be observed.

“Kasama rito ang strict social distancing measures na naaangkop at naka-contextualize film industry, ang ating mga health at sanitation protocols, na dapat nating isapuso at isabuhay, at ‘yung medical precautions na dapat nating tinatandaan,” Dino said.

The protocol limits the maximum number of people on set to 50 and mandates the wearing of face masks and personal protective equipment of workers.

“Nakakatuwa dahil magsisimula ang produksyon pero nakakakaba rin dahil nakasalalay din dito ang safety ng ating production workers,” she said.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Julie Ann San Jose to stage mini concert today as part of birthday celebration

Actress-singer Julie Ann San Jose will stage a mini-concert online today (May 16) as part of her birthday celebration.

Dubbed as “Jam with Julie”, the mini-concert will be aired live via San Jose’s official Facebook page at 6:30 p.m.

She will be singing songs made popular by Parokya ni Edgar (PNE), Sponge Cola, Hale, Rivermaya, and the Eraserheads.

She will officially be celebrating her 26th birthday on Sunday (May 17).

Incidentally, San Jose recently got mostly positive feedback on her recent cover of the iconic PNE song “Bagsakan.”

No less than Parokya’s frontman Chito Miranda praised San Jose’s performance.

The Thai duo hopes to visit PH once COVID-19 pandemic is over

The Boys Love (BL) series “2gether”may have streamed its last episode on the GMMTV YouTube account, but songs from the show continue to make waves in the Philippines.

Thai crossover sensation Scrubb dominates streaming platforms such as Spotify with an average of four to six entries a day on the Philippines Viral Top 50.Their back catalog, which includes “Wish,” “Everything,” “Smile,” and “Close,” has consistently charted on the local digital and streaming services for more than a month.

“The author is one of our fans who started writing this story as an online fiction inspired by our songs,” Scrubb’sTorpong “Ball” Chantabubpha was quoted to have said in a statement on how their infectious set of melodic guitar pop tunes made its way to the Original Soundtrack (OST) of the hit series. “Then it got published as a book.

Finally, the series came out, which encouraged more people to listen to our songs. We have to thankJitti, the author, for putting our songs in the original story and making all of these things happen.”

Scrubb’s songs have somehow aided in championing a narrative that supports the unique romantic experiences of the LGBTQ+ community. Their involvement in the official soundtrack of a pop culture behemoth encourages visibility and representation in mainstream media, which has long shunned stories that go against societal norms.

As an artist, we have no specific audience,” said Muey Thawatpon Wongbunsiri, the other half of Scrubb. “Our songs are our diaries. It’s a way for us to keep the good memories from that period of time. I think the listeners can also relate to the song as they face similar situation or atmosphere. We are happy when anyone can enjoy and get inspired by our song no matter who they are.”

Aside from their contribution to the “2gether” soundtrack, the duo recently released their song “Everyday.”

To date, the folk-pop duo has been receiving offers to play a number of shows abroad from international promoters. Maybe in the Philippines too when the pandemic is over?

“Our plans to tour outside Thailand are forced to stop because of COVID-19 outbreak. At the moment we are writing, rehearsing, and preparing to be back on stage once again once this pandemic is finally over. We also hope that we’ll get a chance to be there and play for our fans in the Philippines soon,” Ball said.

Broadcast journalist Howie Severino donates blood plasma to PGH after COVID-19 recovery

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, Severino explained the process in order to encourage other COVID-19 survivors to donate their plasma.

"I’m donor number 38 at PGH (Philippine General Hospital), although the process actually took place in a classroom at the nearby UP College of Medicine, so it’s not in a hospital setting with its higher risk of infection. Others choose to donate at other hospitals, but donors are still a small fraction of the survivors who form the pool of potential donors,” he said.

Medical experts at PGH are using convalescent plasma therapy to help patients who are positive for COVID-19.

The journalist has shared photos of him hooked into the machine, which separates the yellow fluid from the blood.

“Surprisingly, the liquid gold as the doctors call it is that color. The med techs were handling it like a newborn baby, and they also let me hold it like I was a mother who just gave birth,” he said.

Severino said a committee of doctors decides on who will receive the plasma, however, there is an ongoing debate whether it should be given only to the gravely ill or also the moderately ill.

“That choice becomes less wrenching if more survivors donate plasma, and more patients receive it, which is one reason for doing this story assuring potential donors that this process is not dangerous or scary, and perhaps one of the easiest ways to save a life,” he underscored.

The journalist assured the potential donors that this process “is not dangerous and perhaps one of the easiest ways to save a life.”