Friday, November 22, 2019

Top 10 Gifts to Give to Your Grandparents This Christmas

Are you the favorite munchkin of your grannies? Now is the perfect season to spoil them back. Here’s the list of the top 10 gifts you can give them and can make your Christmas shopping a little easier.

Blankets or Throws – You can’t go wrong with a cozy throw or blanket. Whether it’s handmade or customized with photos, it can be the perfect gift to keep them warm in this cold Christmas season.

Personalized Calendars – Take a trip down the memory lane with this unique and easy to make photo calendar. Just pick 12 of the best photos of you and your grandparents and bring it to the nearest photo center.

Garden Tools – This are useful gifts if your grannies like to spend their time planting and grooming your lawns. Aside from garden tools, you can also add some flowering and fruit-bearing seeds.

Kitchen Tools – Does your granny love cooking or baking? A bread maker, e-mixer, pots, or pans will make the best gifts and you will most likely get a taste of their delicious treat on your next visit.

Massage Pillow – A relaxing massage can be a good treat to relieve their tired muscles after cleaning or cooking. This pillow can be handy and huggable too.

Gift Certificates – GCs can be a great gift for your independent grannies. It can be a quick date to the nearest grocery store or a romantic dinner to their favorite resto.

Health Spa Membership
– A free membership to a fitness club will encourage them to get fit and healthy. They can also socialize and meet new friends while exercising.

Custom Gift Basket – Gifts baskets with carefully picked items add a more personal touch to normal items. You can either fill it with their favorite treats and fruits or necessities like lotion, soaps, and perfume.

Medication Management Devices – For seniors living independently, a digital pill dispenser can be a great help. It can fill their medicine tray and program their med schedule online.

Your Time and Attention – No amount of gift can beat the time and attention that you can give to your grandparents this Yuletide season. Spend time with them and make happy memories together with your whole family.

Do you have any other great gift ideas for the grannies? Feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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