Saturday, November 23, 2019

Thanksgiving Recipe - Turkey Gravy

For many, the gravy is as important as the turkey. Our suggestions are quick and simple, letting the main flavors shine. Your gravy should be thick and as flavorful as your roast and these recipes do exactly that:

This classic Southern turkey gravy is rich and delicious. Pan drippings from turkey (or chicken) provide the flavor. A dripping-less gravy is a smart solution if you aren't cooking a turkey. Lard and chicken or beef make this a rich and silky gravy. A more elaborate take on gravy, this cider bacon gravy recipe uses the drippings from a bacon turkey roast and adds herbs, tomatoes, and roasted onions for an extraordinarily rich gravy.

Here is how to make fat-free gravy from the stock of a Thanksgiving Roast Turkey.

    turkey stock from roast turkey
    1/4 cup cornstarch (have more available for adjusting thickness)
    1 cup cold water (have more available for adjusting thickness)
    salt if needed

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