Friday, November 29, 2019

Luciano Kruk's 'House in the Trees' Is a Minimal Concrete Artifact

The 185 m² home sits in isolation on a 1.110 m² plot of land located 8 miles outside of the city of Pinamar, or four hours away from Buenos Aires. Nestled between the coastline and a row of pine trees, the House in the Trees features one master bedroom, two secondary bedrooms, a communal area, and an outdoor pool. The house was made with the environment in mind and offers stark juxtaposition while leaving minimal impact on the surrounding wilderness.

For minimal maintenance and structural impact on the terrain, tread surface was kept at just the entrance and service/engine rooms; at the same time the entire home is made from concrete, glass, and framed with aluminum. With plenty of windows and a large skylight that sits at the top of the staircase, natural lighting is in abundance. The pool appears as an independent structure as it looks to only touch the main structure perpendicularly where it sits on a thin slab of reinforced concrete — the end result is a large concrete structure that floats over a transparent lower floor. Scroll through the images above for a thorough look at this concrete artifact in the woods, and head over to Luciano Kruk’s website for more information on past projects.

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