Friday, November 22, 2019

Christmas Presentation Ideas to Boost Your Parties and Events

Are you assigned to organize your Christmas party? Presentations are a great way to cover up for the time and to keep the guests entertained. To keep your event fun and lively, here are some Christmas presentations ideas that you can try. 

Christmas Caroling – Choose the best singers in your group and sing Christmas song medleys. Include both slow and upbeat songs to keep your audience entertained. You can also wear colorful choir costumes and add simple dance steps to spice up your performance.

Group Dance – Let your group mates unleash their hidden groove. Gather the dancers, pick the latest songs, watch dance choreographies, and create a mashup laced with the sound of bells and other Christmas effects. You can also dress like elves, reindeers, or even as Santa if you want to.

Puppet Show – Create a skit from the Bible story and perform using puppets instead of actors and actresses. This will be a hit presentation especially if your group members are camera shy or your audience includes kids.

Musical Show – If your group is confident enough, you can also go for a musical show. You can sing, dance, and act at the same time using traditional Christmas songs following an original story or the nativity of Jesus.

Solo or 2 Person Act – For smaller teams, they can sing a solo or duet song, or do couple dancing. One can also play a musical instrument like guitar, flute, or piano while their partner is singing.

Band Performance – Build a band and perform 2 to 3 sets with 2 to 3 songs each. You can get someone from the guests to jam with you for each set. Playing requested songs from the crowd is also a great idea.

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