Friday, November 22, 2019

50 “Something” Categories for Your Christmas Monito Monita

Monito Monita or Secret Santa as the others call it has long been a tradition in the Philippines during the Christmas season. It’s a fun way of exchanging gifts between friends, officemates, and even relatives.


Form a group and draw the name of your Monita or Monito. Never reveal who it is until the last day of exchange gift.
Decide on the schedule of gift giving and the price range for each gift.
Choose a theme for each gift giving to make it more exciting. Below are some of the categories you can choose from:

1. Something soft
2. Something sweet
3. Something long and hard
4. Something green
5. Something round
6. Something useful
7. Something wet
8. Something made of wood
9. Something you can wear in your head
10. Something with handle
11. Something made of glass
12. Something sour
13. Something that grows
14. Something colorful
15. Something that starts with the letter ‘i’
16. Something funny
17. Something cuddly
18. Something with a cover
19. Something unbreakable
20. Something embarrassing to carry in public
21. Something for private use
22. Something trending in Twitter
23. Something that reminds you of childhood
24. Something that you need to insert
25. Something hand-made
26. Something that you received but hasn’t used
27. Something you can use after a year
28. Something local
29. Something special
30. Something imported
31. Something you don’t want to own
32. Something you want for yourself
33. Something unique
34. Something thin
35. Something fragile
36. Something you can cook
37. Something edible
38. Something black
39. Something scary
40. Something white
41. Something slimy
42. Something that makes a sound
43. Something fragrant
44. Something naughty
45. Something sexy
46. Something useful
47. Something big
48. Something small
49. Something that moves
50. Something cute

Arrange a place where you can leave and pick up the gifts with your name.On the last day of your gift giving, usually your Christmas Party, you will reveal yourself by giving the last gift personally to your Monito or Monita. The last gift is commonly the most special and doesn’t follow a theme. You just give what you think he or she would like to have following the decided price range for gifts.

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